HRMS - Overview

All HR Departments require a system to store their employee details securely. Our HRMS allows companies to centralize confidential employee information and define access permissions to authorized personnel to ensure that employee information is both secure and accessible.
Our HRMS is fully web responsive and user friendly solution for all your HR related requirements and one of the most robust and fully customizable application tuned for cloud based installations available in the market.

Software Development

Automate your leave management

Web Development

Are you still using excel to track you employee leave records?
Is your current leave application and approval process too confusing?
Our powerful leave management module allows you to stop all time-off abuses and centralize all your leave data.
It allows you to add your own leave types, make exceptions to individual employees and groups using leave rules and also supports leave accrual and carry forwarding leaves to next leave period.

Track Every Bit of Time Spent

Are you still not able to track what your employees were working on whole last week?
Don't you still have employee attendance records in a centralized location? With the help of our HRMS Timesteets module employees to update their own time sheets and send those for approval to supervisors. The attendance module will keep track of employee punch-in and punch-out times.
We ensure your satisfaction with clear acceptance criteria, and conduct a complete knowledge transfer at the end of the engagement period.

Complete outsourced development model

Complete Document management

Is your organization still using conventional Document management techniques?
Are you still filing photostate copies of important employee documents which contain sensitive personal information and can be misused?
Our HRMS system comes with a comprehensive In-built Document management system where Employees can upload their own documents, with Alerts on important travel and Identity documents and attach their travel and other Expense proofs which can be approved online by their respective Supervisors, saving valuable time and Paper costs!

Complete outsourced development model

Inbuilt Payroll/Attendance system

Are you still using distributed Attendance and Payroll management system?
Is your Organization depending upon third parties to process your Payroll and eating into your profits? Its time to change the way you work ..
Our HRMS system comes integrated with Biometric attendance machines and calculate precise Paysheets based on the approved leaves, attendance and other defined salary critirea in the system..

Complete outsourced development model